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Mon, Oct. 25th, 2004, 11:11 pm

watchin bloody birthday on the horror channel, its good...kev would appreciate it i think HAHA the little girl just shot her sister in the eye with a bow+arrow :D
how cute

neatened up nitas cv a while ago, there was actually the word 'workin' in it hahaha bless.
i totally understand why she wants to leave woolies, if you cant stand the people you work with you're never really gonna enjoy being there or ever want to go.
spose im quite lucky with mine. our new girl seems to be becoming a little more human now, not giving so many evil stares for no apparent reason. although she does get a bit shitty when you tell her how to do something when shes doing it completely wrong! i dont particularly enjoy being told im doing something wrong either, but when you've only been there five days you cant expect to know everything and you have to accept (and ask for) help especially when most of the things we've got to do have to be done right or things go badly wrong! aaarrhh
jens back tomorow, but its new girls day off so we get a chance to warn/bitch about her, yeah i know that sounds tight but you get used to the bitching seen as its a mainly female orientated job. although florists tend to be more laid back than hairdressers.

films getting better! the cover for the vid on amazon is so cool..but i kinda just bought stuff a minute ago on there, bought Pantera - Three Vulgar Videos From Hell dvd which looks good, always good for drinking with! and ultra-violence by death angel, which, just is good. it has bored on there! yay!

oh god saw my dad on sunday (yesterday) i was so tired it was funny! went through a bottle of jack + beers + 1000 cigarettes + shit load of records the nite/morning before with pete and woke up at 11 when my dad had already arrived to pick me up, so not good. he did give me gails old fone though seen as mine for some reason had decided not to work for the last couple of weeks which is such a bitch because my house phone witholds its number so people tend not to pick up! anyway him+gail decided to take me with them shoppong for candles and other ugly (their taste) things for ther new house, and when all i really wanted to do was sit the fuck down and eat a scabby horse this did not put me in the best most chatty mood you ever have seen, and i couldnt take my scarf off all day due to the huouge marks on my neck curtosey of pete! thanks
id better try and sleep now, seen as tomorows going to be another stay-up-all-night-poison-my-liver-and-wake-up-with-a-cough!
ah, someone up there loves me.
ps. k should be back soon yay!