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Thu, Oct. 21st, 2004, 06:24 pm

i think i was pretty pissed when i wrote that last one...sorry!
so much shit has happened in the last few days its quite scary! life for me always happens in bursts, then a boring patch, then more fucking bursts of weird COMPLETELY unexpected stuff..
which i cant really write about here. which is annoying!

today we got to unpack all the haloween stuff boss lady bought in holland yay! she actually bought a big fuckoff black goul type thing haha shes weird sometimes

and she bought us pinnies to wear! theyre light blue with a pink floral print all over it! and my boss said i look sweet wearing it, bitch! hehe :)
shit my foods burning i can smell it

all in all a good day and lots of them to come this week (hopefully) :)