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Sun, Oct. 17th, 2004, 12:02 am

inspired from a random or not so random person:

fuckthisimfuckedyourefuckedigavemyheartawaysowhatimhappyinmyworldleavemealone. youknowwhoyouareforeveryourewrongitsreallyhardnottowritespacesmyheadisallovertheplaceandimhappybecauseicanspellandihavegoodmusictasteilovemymusicitkeepsmesaneasdomybooksandcreaturesfrommyroominsodemyyessodemyohmyfuckingfingersiwanttotalktosomanypeoplebuttheydisappearlikeduskiknowhowitfeelstobefullyetempty.wantingtogiveothersmythoughtsbuttheycanthearmehahahaaaaa.fuck me.anyway.i like the word fuck it feels fullfilling. even if i am illiterate :)
and now for something completely different:
boo. tis nearly halloween. i know what you are thinking and yes i do understand. im just a poor girl, in a small town, listening to what makes me feel like im free as a bird.
i need to be something different.
does a life exist where i can get as pissed (or stoned) as i want and still get paid enough to live? i see older people than me and they look pretty which must mean thet have decent jobs. but i think too far ahead. is that bad? i dont mind what my fuiture is i believe i cant change it. i want to travel and that will change my perspective i know. as long as my job pays enough to live and be happy, and some job satisfaction would be nice. do weird SUCESSFUL florists exist? im pretty sure not, but then theres the point that no-one weird and sucessful existed before the first person that did it did? you understand right? so, i could in theory be the first (unless im too late) florist to 'think differently'? i wish. i wish that there was an easy route. oh my god how many people have deleted this before theyve posted huh? :) see, i hav an undying faith that no matter what i do in life i will always have some small bit of 'happy' to revert to. in that there will be more of 'me' after i die because: we exist.
ive completely digressed! dear. what was i saying?
oh yeah! blah blah me me me. rest of the world can wait. :)
so yeah, instead of becoming this amazing florist, im fucking off for a charity to do some fucking good in this world. hahaha. see? nothing makes fucking sense. especially not the nobodies.