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Sat, Oct. 16th, 2004, 06:08 pm

WELL. thought id update. obviously..
nothing thrilling, in short, me n rich got back together n then split for good its all good actually ud think i was a mess but aside from the drinking, im fine!
anyway still working in florists although realised joining college again was a very silly thing to do as im really not 'cut out' for writing things down and filing them neatly...im not really 'cut out' for anything i dont think.
travelling though! yes, round the world
basically. i realised that im never happy when i have unnecessary pressure or responsibility. so, i quit college, let go of rich, and am now doing whatever the fuck i want! well. on my days off.
free as a bird
listening to black sabbath and smoking and drinking...
what the fuck do i sound like?
i should go :)